Recents Projects

Clarks Court Bay Marina Project


The Project, to be implemented in three phases over a projected three-year period, comprises the creation of a world-class residential marina and boatyard suited to the needs of the 21st century. Read More >


Silver Sands Resort Project


Joyau Des Caraibes Limited (the developer) commissioned Innovative Environmental Solutions on September 1st, 2014 to undertake an EIA for the New Silver Sands Resort Project (the Project). Read More >


Spice Basket Beaulieu Project - (Geotechnical works)


Soil investigation carried out to identifying the type of soil and bearing capacities of each stratum encountered, also to identify any sub-surfaces factors which would significantly influence the foundation design.  This facility will house a theater, museum, gift shop, restaurant and bar. 



Lowther’s Lane Office Complex - (Geotechnical works)

GIS combined with Joseph John and Associates to under take a series of borings on a steep slope to establish the bearing layer for the construction of a 5 storied government building.  Scope of works include  but not limited to; (a) The allowable bearing capacity of the soil strata; (b) The suggested type of foundation; (c) The expected degree of settlement of structures; (d) The precautionary measures required during construction such as shoring of excavations, rock nets, etc; (e) The likely effect of construction works on neighbouring structures, including the public road,  infrastructure and buried services; and (f) The location of the groundwater table (if at all) within the construction zone. 



Digicel Satellite Tower  (Mont Toute) (Geotechnical works)


Conduct soil and subsoil investigations using test pit and/or borehole methods, collect samples as necessary and in accordance with relevant Codes and practice guidelines. Collect sufficient data, analyze and report on the following: (a) The allowable bearing capacity of the soil strata; (b) The precautionary measures required during construction (c) The likely effect of construction works on neighbouring structures; (d) The location of the groundwater table (if at all) within the construction zone. 3. Measure the soil resistivity on the project site.4. Prepare geotechnical reports in acceptable format including results of all tests and calculations done in support of the conclusions.  



Le Petit Trou Resort Development


GIS combined with TP Smith Engineering to carry out and Environmental Impact Assessment at the Le Petit Trou Project site.  Le Petit Trou Resort Project, located between Belle Isle and Content in the parish of St. David on Grenada’s south-east coast, is to be implemented in four phases over a projected 10-year period.  The Project comprises a low density integrated lifestyle and wellness resort development that is intended to include the following principal elements:


  • A “lifestyle” five-star hotel with 120 keys;
  • Up to 122 private villas;
  • A beach/residents club;
  • Restaurants, spa facilities, swimming pools and other amenities;
  • A neighbourhood square encompassing local craft shops;
  • A fully serviced, piled quay to accommodate up to 6 small craft; and
  • Landscaped grounds and all required utilities and services.


The 196 acre Project site, now owned by the developers, is located in the south-eastern part of   St. David, one of the lesser developed parishes in Grenada, and no significant economic development activity has taken place in the area for many years.  The area is one of stunning natural beauty, with natural features consisting of hills, valleys, a wetland area, two beaches and rugged windswept coastline complete with a nearby islet.