Spice Basket Project

Geotechnical Investigation of the subsoil profile to evaluate its bearing capacity and its drainage capabilities for the muilt-purpose facilities at Spice Basket.  The facility include a theater with seating capacity of approximately 1000 persons, other building to house restaurant, bar and gazebo area, parking at several levels.


Golder Associates

Evaluation of Gravel and Concrete Quarries at Queens Park and Telescope

Quarry investigation and evaluation of material for use in the construction industry

Evaluation of new potential sources of quarry material 


Landslips/Rock fall Project

An analysis of geologic factors and recommendation for the cause and correction or mitigation of the landslip and rockfall areas.  The main areas were Non Pariel, La Source, Waltham/River Salle, Whitegate, Concord, Woodford, Brizan, Cherry Hill, Melville St, Whitegun, Bellevue, Mt Carmel, St. James, and Annandale.


Quarry Investigation

This investigation was to assess the type of rock and its possible uses for a possible new quarry location.


School Foundation Stability

Investigation of the soil foundation of which the Holy Cross Primary and the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School due to movement causing large cracking in the structures.